We perform repairs on a variety of machines, and most brands. Currently, we have space available to take in summer and fall equipment: Walk-behind Lawnmowers, Homeowner Tractors, Commercial Walk-behinds, Zero-turn Mowers, Grass Trimmers, Generators, Pressure Washers, Hedgers, Rototillers, Chainsaws, Wood Splitters, Wood Chippers, Leaf Blowers & Vacuums, Chainsaws and some handheld equipment.

Equipment We Service

Walk-behind Lawnmowers, Homeowner Tractors, Commercial Walk-behinds, Zero-turn Mowers, Grass Trimmers, Hedgers, Rototillers, Pressure Washers, Chain Saws, Generators, Power Pruners, Wood Splitters, Wood Chippers, Leaf Blowers & Vacuums, Two-stage Snowblowers, Single-stage Snowblowers, and Ice Augers.

Preseason equipment, such as Snowblowers, Power Shovels, Salamander Heaters, or Ice Augers, can be called-in to be written up, or added to the Pick-Up/ Delivery schedule. We will start picking up and working on winter equipment sometime after Labor Day.


We deliver to the following locations: Biddeford, Saco, Alfred, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Biddeford Pool, Dayton, Lyman, Old Orchard Beach, Ocean Park, and Ferry Beach. For an additional $10.00, we  deliver to these towns: Scarborough, Sanford, Wells, Hollis, Buxton, Waterboro.

Lawnmowers, Single-stage Snowblowers – $30.00 round-trip
Tractors, Two-stage Snowblowers, generators – $40.00 round-trip

To add a second machine to your pick up order, it is a additional $10.00 round-trip.

Winterizing/Storing Your Equipment

We highly recommend adding a Stabilizer to your fuel year-round. Stabilizer treats the Ethanol in pump-gas. A little goes a long way: 1 once for 5 gallons of fuel. This preventative maintenance will help elongate the fuel system’s lifespan and defer need for future repairs. Ethanol in gas that sits in a tank for a period of time could greatly damage and corrode the engine’s carburetor and fuel system- causing it not to start.

For lawnmowers and other 4-cycle machines (lawnmowers, snowblowers and generators) we recommend that you drain the gas or run the unit out of gas. If you have a choke on your machine, it can be used to run your machine out of gas more thoroughly. These methods will prevent or reduce damage and corrosion from Ethanol. (2-cycle) For two stroke engines, grass trimmers and the like it is generally recommended to run them out or drain them of gas. However, cycling NON-ETHANOL FUEL that is stabilized through your 2-cycle engine can be just as, or more, effective if they have a well sealed fuel system.

All units should be stored in a dry place. (Any outdoor space will change humidity with the weather, allowing Ethanol in gas to absorb water from the air into your gas tank and damage the carburetor.)